Buy Bento Bong Parts

The modular part of Bento Bong. Buy Bento parts to add to your existing bong, or build your own custom one! Turn a Single into a Double, a Double into a Triple or buy replacement parts if your Bento needs a refresh!
  • $ 8.99

    The top tube of a Bento Bong.

  • $ 2.99

    These o-rings help form a seal to keep your Bento airtight. Made from silicon. 

  • $ 3.99

    These honeycomb perc discs have ~60 holes that make your Bento experience extra smooth.

  • $ 6.99

    This part (along with an o-ring and percolator disc) can help you add a stack onto your bong, making your Single a Double, or your Double a Triple.

  • $ 16.99

    A borosilicate glass bowl and downstem for your Bento Bong.

  • $ 10.99

    A wide-bottomed, straight-tube base for your Bento Bong.